Alpha Goalkeeper Training

We believe you have an infinite amount of potential inside of you. Alpha GK will focus on maximizing that potential, developing a great goalkeeper but more importantly a better person.


Our Mission

We are proud to be Columbia, South Carolina’s best goalkeeper training endeavor. Alpha Goalkeeper Training provides age specific training to young aspiring goalkeepers focusing on technique, decision-making and strength and conditioning. Throughout the training process leadership skills, sportsmanship and resiliency are by-products of the process of developing Alpha Goalkeepers that have a better understanding of the position allowing them to reach their goals.

Alpha GK provides training to aspiring goalkeeper of all ages and skills levels giving them the foundation to reach their goals. There is a great deal of potential in everyone, we are here to bring that to reality. Our goal is to develop great goalkeepers but more importantly great people.


Training Groups 



Ages u8-u12

Introductory training to the position focusing on the fundamental base needed to properly develop in the a great goalkeeper. Goalkeepers will receive training focusing on basic catching, diving, distribution and crosses.


Ages u13-u16

Training will still provide focus on the fundamentals but also add some fitness elements to introduce some strength training specific to the goalkeeper position. Some game like situational training will be introduce to begin making the goalkeeper work on decision making will using their fundamental base to correctly execute their decisions. Training will begin to focus in all aspects of the goalkeeper position. Goalkeepers can also begin to request training that focuses on certain areas they believe may need more attention.


Ages u17-u18/19+

With a solid foundational base, goalkeepers will receive training the entails an all encompassing session. Each session will cover a specific skill that gradually progresses from the basic technical skill ending with a game-like exercise where the goalkeeper’s abilities and decisions will be challenged in every repetition. Goalkeepers can request training that focuses on certain areas they believe may need more attention.