Alpha Goalkeeper training prides itself in the connections made between coach and player. Our relationships will never be monetary. We are here to personally reach everyone that comes to us for training and improvement. We feel the personal connection provides the opportunity for growth and lasting relationships long after one’s playing has come to an end.


“Best Goalkeeper coach out there. Very prepared, very knowledgeable and an all around great guy who cares about each goalkeeper. He takes someone at the level they are and helps them get to the highest level. EJ has a great mix of encouragement and pushing hard so that the goalkeepers all love him and want to be their best.”

-Lynn Cannon

“I’m a junior in college and I’m currently playing for Lindenwood University-Belleville. I first started to train with EJ in Spring of 2018. He helped me get ready for pre-season and fall season all through summer.

I had several coaches before I found him. None of them seemed to truly care about my progress as much as EJ did. Other coaches made training feel like a business transaction, they seemed to only care about the money. With EJ it didn’t feel like that at all. He truly cared about my progress and was constantly giving me feedback to not only become a better goalkeeper, but also a better person and athlete. Training sessions with EJ are always fun, creative, and challenging. He really puts time and thought into the drills and I absolutely love that. He also was very patient whenever I was having a bad day in goal, but would constantly encourage me to keep working hard.

EJ taught me a lot about mental strength and that has helped me significantly here at Lindenwood. He is the type of coach you can trust will do his best to help you work through any difficulty you might be having as a player. I’ve become a more skilled, confident, athletic, and strong goalkeeper since I started training with EJ. I feel lucky I found him and I’m looking forward to train with him again over summer! “

-Daniela Ruiz

“Our son has had the opportunity to work with EJ since he was 11 years old. He started working with him with his club team, and continues now to see him for private lessons as a high school junior. In that time, our son has developed into a skilled and mature high school varsity goalkeeper.

EJ has a number of innovative drills that push him in his development. It is very interesting to watch the sessions over the years and see how EJ works with goalkeepers of all ages and both male and female. EJ relates well with his students to help them reach their maximum potential. As the goal keeper position is a highly technical one, it is reassuring to know that EJ is there for our son’s development.”

Michael, Shari & Grayson Tanner

“I met Coach EJ while playing college ball. From the very first training I knew that his trainings were gonna be different. His knowledge paired with his usage of various training tools keep every training intense and exciting. At the end of each training, I was always looking forward to the next one.”

-Abby Cebrero

“My son has been working with Coach Roberts and Alpha Goalkeeper Training for several months. My son is thoroughly enjoying the program, and he is making great strides in his goalkeeper development.  The program is well-organized and quite effective. I highly recommend Coach Roberts and Alpha Goalkeeper Training.”

Langston Spotts